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Art J

Good job I have not been meat on a string yet you are way ahead of me. I also have fallen from ladders and felt that feeling. I have also climbed 100foot towers, what a view. I also was educated by Dr Heinlein. I hope you have had a chance to listen to his "This I believe" speech.

Thank you and be well! My boys and I are just finishing Moon is a Harsh Mistress. They have enjoyed the juveniles and Citizen of the Galaxy. Good to read them again.

How about Gentlemen Be seated?


Sean, I'm really enjoying reading your blogs. What you don't say in person you say in your writings and the "tru you" comes out. I am afraid of elevators and briges(especially ones over water). I don't consider it a fear of heights but a fear of falling. The two stories you wrote was one of facing your fear of heights by parachuting, The other was a story of fear of heights but was an accident.
Hope to hear more from you, love ya, Cathy

Sharon Hamm

Sean, you have more guts than I do.No way I would jump out of a plane,really enjoyed the stories.Keep up the good work.

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