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Hello Keith,

I do believe in myself, but it’s been a long road to that belief. We all have some self doubt which I think is a good thing as it helps us become better. When I am writing a post I will read and rewrite to make certain that it reads well. Was I to have absolute confidence in my first draft I think that I would ultimately fail in my intent to communicate with my audience. When attempting to accomplish anything it is a long road to success filled with significant obstacles but only a single step to disillusionment. Should you read my other posts you will see some of my life experiences which led me to the belief I have expressed here. I was taught to believe that every decision I made and every action that I undertook contrary to what my father perceived was correct was not only wrong by his standards but was according to him different from what two hundred million Americans would do. I grew up with no self esteem and whereas I have come to have confidence in myself this was expedited by the recognition shown by others in my accomplishments.


Sharon Hamm

Sean I believe in you and I know that anything that you set your mind to you will achieve even if it takes doing it over again.I am enjoying your blogs.


It is also just as important to have equal belief in yourself. Everyone can believe in you with great passion, but only will you succeed when you believe in yourself. Love and belief go hand in hand. Someone can love and believe in you with all their heart, but they can not make you believe or love yourself..only you, your INNER you, can provide that love and self believe. Yes grant it we all need that belief from the people we know and love, it can have profound effects on us, but not like the self believe and love one needs to feel inside. I can tell you " I don't believe you can do it" Your inner self will prove me wrong out of self love. When you leave this world, you leave with only yourself, leaving the believers and nay sayer's behind. Believe in YOURSELF

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